Opening hours for day-trip spa : 10:30 a.m.~07:00 p.m.

(Closing at 08:00 p.m.)
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Enjoy meals leisurely with your family and the pleasant company in the reserved room.
The party plans are available offering the courses with the seasonal food material.

Ordinary course


3,300 Yen
(included Tax)

郷会席 郷【kyou】

4,400 Yen
(included Tax)



5,500円 Yen
(included Tax)

【Courtesy transportation service】
Free transportation service is available.
Free transportation service by bus is available for the guests to enjoy the set of spa and dining at Kimita-Onsen.

1. The distance less than one-hour car drive
- 5 persons or more
- Meal for 3,300 Yen (including Tax) or more (4,400 Yen or more on Sunday and public holidays)
- Free hot-spring spa

2. The distance more than one-hour car drive
- 15 persons or more
- Meal for 5,500 Yen (including Tax) or more
- Hot-spring spa : 700 Yen for adult, 350 Yen for child

Closing days in 2022

  • 18 January(Tue)
  • 15 February(Tue)
  • 16 February(Wed)
  • 15 March(Tue)
  • 19 April(Tue)
  • 15 May(Tue)
  • 21 June(Tue)

Besides the schedule above, we might be closed for emergency-facility maintenance.Please check it up before visiting.

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