Opening hours for day-trip spa : 10:30 a.m.~08:00 p.m.

(Closing at 08:30 p.m.)
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Feel time passing slow here.

Accomodation facilities are available to enjoy not only Onsen (hots pring spa) but Kimita.
Have a good day with us, feeling the relaxing time here and visit the facilities nearby like the HARA-MICHIO art museum.
Further more, cotages are available for those who are eager to enjoy the local nature like playing in the river, hiking, Onsen (hot spring spa) etc. with your companies. Each cotage is equipped with kitchen, shower etc. and up to 8 adults can stay together.

Guest room

Accommodation charge (weekdays)
<Japanese style room/Standard plan>
Number of guest Charge
Adult 2 One night stay with 2 meals 14,600 Yen
Child 1 7,000 Yen
Infant 1 4,700 Yen
12 Jou (Apx. 20㎡ )x 8 rooms (2 rooms with bath)

<Western style room/Standard plan>
Number of guest Charge
Adult 2 or more One night stay with 2 meals 16,400 Yen
Child 1 8,000 Yen
Infant 1 5,300 Yen
4 rooms (1 room with bath and Tatami-area)

* Please check-in by 08:00 p.m.
* If futon (Japanese duvet) is not used for an infant's stay, 1,600 Yen will be deducted from the charge.
* 1,100 Yen (including Tax) is additionally charged for the stay on Saturday and the day before public holiday.
* The different charges are applied for the Golden week (End of April to the beginning of May), Obon (Mid-August) and Year end/New year.
 Make an inquiry for them in advance.

【Payment Method】

Closing days in 2023

  • 23 March(Thu)
  • 18 April(Tue)
  • 23 May(Tue)
  • 20 June(Tue)
  • 19 July(Wed)
  • 22 August(Tue)
  • 20 September(Wed)
  • 17 October(Tue)
  • 21 November(Tue)
  • 26 December(Tue)

Besides the schedule above, we might be closed for emergency-facility maintenance.Please check it up before visiting.

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